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Pvp Guide Per Class

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  • Pvp Guide Per Class

    PvP Guide per Class!

    Blade Knight
    • Any Uber Set for BK. Uber sets are a combination of Ancient Set + Full Option.
    • Meta accessories: 2 pcs Wind of Ring + 1 Pend of Wind. Why Wind accessories?
    • Mostly BK skills are wind type of skills, so to unlock the full potential of BKs because Uber Wind accessories will increase attribute damage.
    Soul Master
    • Any Uber Set for Wizard.
    • Meta skills that are viable for PvP: Blast, Ice Storm, Decay, Flame, Twister, Lightning, Ice.
    • Specific accessories that will benefit the Wizard. You need to hover your mouse on the skill you want, and it will show what attributes they have. For example, Blast is a lightning attribute; you need to have Uber Lightning accessories to maximize the lightning attribute damage.
    • Any Uber Set for Elf.
    • Meta skills that are viable for PvP: Triple Shot, Ice Arrow, Penetration. Ice Arrow cannot kill a player, but it will be a utility skill for Elf to maximize her PvP experience. Ice Arrow can immobilize players for a certain period.
    • Any accessories will do for Elf.
    Dark Lord
    • Any Uber Set for DL.
    • Meta skills that are viable for PvP: Fire Scream, Stomp.
    • Any accessories will do for DL.
    Magic Gladiator
    • TyR Uber Set for physical damage skills like Power Slash and Fire Slash.
    • Gaion Uber Set for magical damage skills like Blast, Twister, Flame, Lightning, and Ice.
    • Accessories: For physical damage, you can use any accessories. For magical damage, you need to use the same accessories as Wizards.
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